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[This is an RP journal for [community profile] nowallareone. Typist is [personal profile] raisedbymoogles.]

Character Name: Hot Rod
Generation: G1 cartoon, post-S3
Affiliation: Autobots
Alignment: Good


Reflex: 8
Strength: 5
Stamina: 7
Speed(s): 4.5 on foot, 7 driving, 0 flying


Weapons and special abilities: Wrist-mounted lasers, sword (rarely used), Matrix (dormant)
Personality: Those who knew him before That Thing With Unicron will note that Hot Rod is much steadier and more responsible than he used to be. A co-leader in his own timeline, he instinctively looks after and protects those around him, especially humans. He is quick-thinking and clever, and his training as a leader has developed his natural intelligence quite a lot. He is still somewhat haunted by his experiences, especially those surrounding Optimus Prime and Unicron, and will find them difficult to talk about. Despite all this, Hot Rod still manages to be the same free-spirited, impulsive young mech he always was: constantly on the move, a bit of a showoff, always ready for the next adventure.
Description: Hot Rod is small and light for a carformer, built for speed rather than strength. His paint is red and orange, with a flame decal on his chest that surrounds his Autobot symbol. His most prominent feature is the golden spoiler affixed to his back that almost resemble a pair of small wings. His alt form is a sleek sports car, with the spoiler attached to the trunk and the flame decal on the hood.
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